Red Ruby Devon Adventure - we have decided to start a small, pedigree red ruby devon cattle herd. They produce beautifully marbled and tender, tasty beef 

WE ARE NOW OPEN ON SATURDAYS FROM 9am UNTIL 1pm and Thursday 11am until 5.30pm!! Drop in and see us!

Due to popular demand we are now supplying PORK and MUTTON more regularly!

We now supply Free Range and locally produced EGGS!!

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We now accept CARDS as a form of payment!
Just to make it clear. Our shop is open on Thursday and Saturday for everyone to attend and buy our meat. However we are usually in the butchery from Tuesday to Friday. We operate a policy of "if we·re here we will serve you". The counter may not be on display but we will always prepare something for you there and then. A quick call on 01942 831058 would always confirm we·re around. Don·t forget we are happy to arrange FREE LOCAL DELIVERIES.So please don·t miss out! 

If you require any further information by all means use the contact page. However email is so impersonal we would much rather you give us a call and actually talk to one of us! Just call 01942 831058, it may well divert to our mobile, this does not cost you any more but it does mean that you will get personal attention.Thank you for your interest in the website and we look forward to receiving your order soon. 

Soil Association Information

Only organic meat that complies with a strict code of practice which applies to farmers abattoirs and processors can be sold under the Soil Association symbol. Animal welfare groups endorse these standards because of the humane way the animals are treated. 

Visit The Soil Association at- 

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