‼️‼️               IMPORTANT   NEW UPDATE             ‼️‼️

Please note that the farm shop is open for pre orders only, do not just turn up. We will not be having set shop days going forwards until things are back to normal with the covid-19 outbreak.

In an effort to protect our family and members of staff, but still continuing to supply our customers with the food they need and in accordance with the announcement from the Government, this is how we intend to proceed this week.

WE WILL ONLY BE TAKING ORDERS - this means no access to inside the shop. If you order by email by Monday midnight we will guarantee your order for that week. We will than contact you between 9am Thurday and 2pm Saturday to ask you to come and collect, so please don't worry if you don't hear from us straight away. The number of orders we are dealing with takes us a lot of time to get ready. If you order after Monday midnight your order will roll over to the following week. 

If you order using our new online shop you can pick from the available collection dates, just quote your order number when you come to collect.


This can be in various ways but in order of preference:

1. e-mail


Please clearly state your order and include your name and a contact number.

THE SHOP WILL ONLY BE OPEN FRIDAY and SATURDAY for collection of orders, which must be pre paid for over the phone. We realise that despite our best efforts not everyone will get to see our new arrangements. Therefore by closing Thursday ,which we anticipate to be the busiest day if last week is anything to go by, and putting out signs these people will be informed and have chance to place an order.

Our regular customers know what we sell but there are lists of our products on our website.  We are currently working on a system to arrange which day you will be asked to collect.

Please only order your normal weekly amounts. There is only so much we can physically get ready each week. We have our own organic beef and lamb and therefore are not reliant on other suppliers. Sausages , Burgers and Bacon Black Pudding White Pudding and Haggis Although we were assured that pork and chicken supplies would be as normal this has changed and there will be VERY LITTLE CHICKEN available this week.

We will have a selection of organic veg , free range eggs and bread from the Lancashire Bread House all locally sourced plus organic fruit . As last week there will be the opportunity to buy a dozen eggs per household and sensible allocations of fruit, veg and bread.

When collection is arranged YOU WILL ENTER ONLY BY THE NEW LARGER ENTRANCE AND ROAD and EXIT OUT OF THE OLD DRIVE. This will effectively create a one way system. There will be no entry signs ⛔️ at the end of the old drive and anyone trying to come to the farm this way will be politely asked to turn around and use the new entrance.

At the farmyard there will be a system in place to keep to the right hand side and drive round in an anti clockwise direction to the shop doors where you will be given your order.

Obviously these plans have needed to be hurriedly put in place and will not be perfect. However as things evolve we will do our best to iron out any problems .This is new for us all and know you will understand and therefore we ask for your patience as we try to get to grips with the situation 9. We will also do our best to deliver to those in the vulnerable groups...The over 70’s, those with underlying medical problems and expectant Mums. These may need to be on a separate day which will be confirmed as soon as we can get our heads around it. We have already had very kind offers of help from some of our customers.

Unfortunately it is likely that there will be queues but at the moment this is the best we can come up with at short notice. We hope these arrangements will help you get some supplies whilst keeping us all as safe as possible. These are very strange times but we must adapt as quickly as possible in an effort to slow the spread of this virus.

Thank you for reading our very long notice but we look forward to seeing you later in the week 12. Stay safe and let battle commence.


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Welcome to the Forsters' Farm Shop website. We hope to use this site to encourage you to try our fantastic, local, organic beef and lamb. Not simply because we believe organic meat tastes better or is healthier, but because there is real benefit to the environment as well. An environment we want to look after for future generations. We also stock a selection of local organic veg along with free range pork, chicken and free range, locally produced EGGS!! Come to our St Helens Farm Shop open every Thursday Friday and Saturday at Shoots Delph Farm, Moss Bank, St. Helens.

"Buy local, think organic. It doesn·t cost the earth."

We now accept Cards as a form of payment!!

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